“Nothingland” in Pouch Magazine.

“Before the Cold Bite of the Rattler” and “My That Was Fine & Then She Died” in Posit.

“A Beautiful Boyish Insouciance” in Prelude.

“A French Cock” in The Volta’s Evening Will Come.

“Gentlemen Prefer Bows Over Dinner” in Hyperallergic.

‘The Waters Broke” in Fence.

“And So It Is Because Of The Lichen” in The The Poetry.

Video Poem, “The Other Side of the World” in Electric Pumas.

“It Was Enough For Us Just To Keep It Clean” in Elephant Journal.

“A Quiver Full Of Eros” in Poetry Crush.

“Poem In Which The City Is A Balcony,” “Poem In Which I Am The Melancholy Architect Because The Foundation Upon Which I Have Built Our Love Has Been Eaten Away By White Mice,” and “Poem In Which Everything Is This Way Because There Are Lights” in Smoking Glue Gun.

“Three Balls in My Court and One in the Hole” and “The Rouging Heart and Other Sundance Tales” in Smoking Glue Gun and selected for the 2015 &NOW Award.

“To Find Him In The Elephant’s Room” and “Under the lid of the jar, a schoolroom” in Saudade Review

“The Beginning and Two Ends” in Bambi Muse

“Say Bonjour to the Memory, Our Guest” and “In Erato’s Words” in La Fovea

“My Diary” in H_NGM_N #10

“Everything is moving, breathing, seething, and I, the robot mop, alone in the kitchen” and “Conversation: Pawn’s Eye View” in Coconut 14

“Hand (The Fingers)” in In Posse Review, Issue 23


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