The Grey Bird: thirteen emoji poems in translation

tumblr_inline_n52rv26Nbo1rdzudiThe Grey Bird: thirteen emoji poems in translation is a collaborative chapbook by Stephanie Berger & Carina Finn. According to Bookish, “Finn began texting Berger strings of elaborate emoji, telling a story in a block of pictographs. Berger then translated these colorful icons from iPhone to English. Operating as a secret language between girls, these 13 poems centered around a single emoji—the grey bird—swing with love letters and broken hearts. These discrete lyric poems are sure to enchant anyone who easily crushes on graphic memoirs or Apple products.” You can read about The Emoji Poems as a project in StyleiteRefinery 29BustlePapermag, and Poetry Magazine and purchase the chapbook, The Grey Bird: thirteen emoji poems in translation at Coconut Books.

In The Madame’s Hat Box

tumblr_inline_mgbrmghiiN1rdzudiIn The Madame’s Hat Box is a noir, scrappy and surreal character study of a woman in grief. The poems blur the lines between love, time and death, between image, person and object and question the notion of animacy. Is a shadow animate? Can one fall in love with a shadow?

In The Madame’s Hat Box was published by Dancing Girl Press & Studio with Cover Art by Ernie Sandidge. Buy it here.


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